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We strive to offer information in an easy to understand way, but we know, too, that sometimes things just don’t quite work out that way.

That’s why we developed the idea of offering a Live Online Consultation. Take me with you to the problem spot in your home, using your smart phone or tablet.

We’ll video chat by Skype (or some other service, if you prefer), and you can show me exactly what it is you’re not sure about. (Bring a flashlight, too, in case it’s dark where we’re going!)

I’ve inspected enough homes to know that no two are alike

Not only are they not alike, but the oddities and eccentricities built into them, often though successive owners and renovations, sometimes is enough to make you head swim.

For me, this is the exciting part of the job.  The intriguing anticipation of what you’re going to find in the next house. You might not find it quite so intriguing. Some might even find it downright infuriating.

Scott Katznelson

The Green Detective

Best known as The Green Detective, I’ve been a nationally-certified Building Performance Institute (BPI) professional since 2009, and have performed countless home energy audits in person and online.
As an educator I help train other energy professionals, and I continue to provide Quality Control Inspections and energy assessments for residences and agencies nationwide.
That’s why we’re just a video call away.

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Video Consultation is paid by the hour.  Your first hour comes with a no-hassle money-back guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied that you got the help you felt you needed, we’ll refund you the first hour’s fee. Please be aware that I am on U.S. East coast time (same as New York), so take that into consideration when trying to book a time.

In January we engaged Green Detective to do an online energy audit of our older home prior to beginning extensive rehabilitation projects.

Scott made a thorough inspection of our house, conducted an air infiltration test using the blower, and took various infrared photos of the exterior to analyze effectiveness of insulation.