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Thanks for your interest in our free eBook.  I'm totally confident that you'll find the energy-saving tips in the eBook to be both enlightening and effective at lowering your utility bills! 

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While you're waiting for those emails, we'd like to tell you about another tool we have that will help you to take even more control over the energy use of your home.  It's called the Energy Checkup Tool.  

Analyze Your Utility Bills For The Low Cost of $4.00

Find out exactly how much energy your home is using,

How much it ought to be using,

And what to do about it!

Want to find out if your home is an energy hog or an energy saver?

Want to know where to focus your efforts to lower your utility bills?

Let us analyze your data!

All you have to do is provide your zip code, the size of your home and 12 months of utility data, and we'll provide you a customized report telling you how much energy your home uses and how that compares with an average home of the same size in your zip code area.

Your report will also tell you how much of your energy is going to heating or cooling, which helps to isolate the problem areas so you can put your efforts where its going to count the most 

And then we'll tell you about what you can do to focus your efforts and lower your utility bills even more!